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Anti-Communist Propaganda at Home

At home, Americans were told they could fight communism by supporting the National Committee for a Free Europe's "Crusade for Freedom". In 1950, the fundraising consultant John Price Jones finished the Analysis and Plan of Fund-Raising for the NCFE which drafted new ways of presenting the organization to the public in order to increase financial support. The report suggested using emotion, reason, and a sense of urgency to increase support. In the decades that followed the Crusade for Freedom emerged as one of the most influential fundraising campaigns of the Cold War.

In 1951, the Crusade for Freedom released a "report" showing the campaign's progress




The "Crusade for Freedom" also used religious tones, like those discussed in the Preaching trace, in their campaigning. This Crusade for Freedom stamp from 1951/1952 depicts iconography from world religions in the upper part and Communism, marked by the Iron Curtain, watchtowers, and violence in the lower part.

Crusade for freedom Stamp

Crusade for Freedom Stamp