Selling Ideas - Selling Products

Concepts of Gender

Marketing and advertising experts specifically developed products for certain groupsof people and popularized them adequately. They were also able to successfully assign certain products to new customer groups.

Anacin – a pain reliever against the “housewife headache” was advertised as a means to enable the wife at home to get back in control of her head when affected by “boredom and emotional fatigue”.


1960s Anacin Advertisement

Anacin, cure for the "housewife headache"

When sales of Marlboro dwindled in the 50‘s after it was becoming obvious that cigarettes damaged health, Marlboro took a chance and advertised the new filter cigarette as manly although it originally was intended for women. The "Marlboro Cowboy“ symbolized the haven of traditional gender constructs in a changing society.


Make Yourself Comfortable - Have a Marlboro

An early ad featuring the now iconic Marlboro Cowboy