Sex Trace

Homosexuals in Government

Kinsey infuriated anti-Communist activists for many reasons. But one reason in particular truly incensed them. Kinsey argued that homosexuality lay in the normal range of human sexuality and that it should be decriminalized everywhere. At exactly this moment, however, Congress and President Eisenhower decreed that homosexuality had become central to the Communist plot to take over America. On April 27, 1953, Executive Order 10450 -- Security Requirements for Government Employment was enacted which included a clause stating that "Any criminal, infamous, dishonest, immoral, or notoriously disgraceful conduct, habitual use of intoxicants to excess, drug addiction, sexual perversion" was reason to be excluded from government employment.

Behind the Scandal of These Two Tratiors

Not published until 1961, this article reveals a persistant fear that homosexuals were a threat to the American government, in this case because they could be blackmailed by communists if their sexuality was discovered.