Education in Crisis

Against the "Culture of Fear"

In 1954, former president of Yale Law School and educational theorist Robert M. Hutchins wrote "Are Our Teachers Afraid to Teach?" for the March 9 issue of LOOK. His article is an example of how counter-progressives mirrored liberal anticommunism but also upheld democratic traditions that simultaneously perpetuated anticommunism but argued against a “culture of fear” and the limitation of free speech.

Are Our Teachers Afraid to Teach?

Robert M. Hutchins, "Are Our Teachers Afraid to Teach?" LOOK (March 9, 1954), 27-29.

Such opinions were divise, however, as shown by reader reactions to Hutchins' article printed in Letters to the Editor.

ISADORE RUBIN, Teachers Union, New York City, NY: "[this article deals with] a fear that all teachers and supervisors are aware of but few dare to challenge"

GRACE LIVESY, Madison, Wis.: "[H]e spits the ambiguous charge of "isolationist" at those who dare object to having certain phases [sic] of UNESCO rammed down the throats of a captive audience composed of our own school children."

JOHN O'BRIEN, New York City, NY: "[I wonder at] all the fuss about loyalty oaths [...] No real American who is true to his country should object to a pledge of faith."


Letters to The Editor

"Letters to The Editor", LOOK April 20, 1954