The Tragic Irony: Korean War to Guantanamo Shame

It is in the Brainwashing Trace that we see some of the clearest evidence of how deeply rooted Cold War Mind Control efforts remain alive today. After 9/11, the US government developed policies that gave interrogators permission to torture prisoners in Guantanamo – and numerous other secret locations around the world – based on the precise torture tactics used against American prisoners over half a century ago in a long forgotten “hot” Cold War conflagration. The military spent years training American soldiers to resist precisely those tortures so that no American soldier would ever again falsely confess to war crimes, as had those tragic “brainwashed” Korean War POWs. And then, in the aftermath of a national trauma, they took those exact tactics and used them to “go to the dark side” and ”break” their prisoners. How many knew enough to wonder if what they heard was any more true than that heard by the Chinese interrogators so many years ago in Korea?