Intelligence & Warfare

Military Projects - Experimental Weapons

Although the Communists seemed not to have engaged heavily in the usage of hypnosis and drugs as a means of mind control and interrogation technique the US military and intelligence complex intensely researched on that matter. Starting in the 1950’s the US-Army conducted research with hallucinogenic compounds like LSD-25 and BZ (bezilate) on US-soldiers within the projects EA 1729 and EA 3528. The research goal was to study the effects of hallucinogenic drugs in order to prepare own personal and for a possible administration as a large scale warfare weapon through the respiratory system to inhibit enemy actions. The research terminated in the early 1960’s. LSD-25 proved to be rather difficult to handle as an operational weapon in large scale warfare – other compounds like BZ though seemed to be manageable.

CRDL (Chemical Research & Development Laboratories)

The US Army experimented with radiological, biological and chemical weapons at the CRDL (Chemical Research & Development Laboratories) at an arsenal in Edgewood, Maryland.

The sample video “Armor for the Inner Man” resulted from experimentation with LSD at the CRDL.