Education in Crisis

Education in Crisis

In January 1953, U.S. Commissioner of Education Earl J. McGrath's article "The Coming Breakdown of American Education," was published in Parents' Magazine. Dr. McGrath warned that overenrollment and inadequate resources would overwhelm the existing school systems. President Eisenhower reiterated some of the same concerns in a recorded address to the White House Conference on Education in December 1955. The report from the Conference declared that American public schools were in a state of emergency.

In 1958, education writer Fred M. Hechinger asked "Is the School Crisis As Black As Its Painted?" in an article printed in Parents' Magazine. He answered that the public still hadn't comprehended the full extent of the educational crisis.

Is The School Crisis As Black As Its Painted?

Fred M. Hechinger, "Is the School Crisis as Black as it's Painted?," Parents' Magazine (October 1958), 43, 146-149.

The Hope of American Education: Schools Must Catch Up With Today's World

Parents' Magazine was not the only media outlet to voice concern. On May 28, 1946 LOOK published "Failure of American Education", followed by "Hope of American Education: Schools Must Catch Up with Today's World" on October 1.